Sunday, August 23, 2009

Put Us To Work!!!

Well this is the day before school starts, and once again, we are heading to our parents for our back to school blessings!! School begins tomorrow, and starting tomorrow, Travis and I are again tackling a full time semester on top of full time work. This is something that has an anti-social side effect, but hopefully we can master our time and allow for some fun times this semester. Well, we have finally settled in our new home as of yesterday. We have hung up all our pictures and organized pretty much everything...besides the second bedroom. We have been attending our new ward adn just love it. In response to the title of this post, I must inform you of the precise moments they were taken from. We were in our ward for one Sunday, and the next Wednesday, we got a call from our bishop to meet with him. We knew that we would be given callings and were thinking of where we would probably go to. Mind you, we had just finished teaching the 4 and 5 year old in primary, and boy did that require alot of brain stimulation to handle all 8 child's needs. So as we're talking, Travis mentioned how he liked the Young Men's...and I mentioned that I wouldn't mind being in Young Women's now. I really had to prep myself to agree to do that. Well, as we drove to the church and sat in the bishop's office, he explained he had some Callings....(NOt one, but TWO) so we were not going to be teaching together. As he looks to Trav, he extends the calling of...not Young Men's and not Primary....but yes.. that of the Gospel Docterine teacher!!! I was scared for my life to hear what they would call me too. I knew Travis could do it...he is so wonderful at teaching the principles, and I could ask him questions and help teach my class or lesson. Well, the bishop turned to me and asked me to teach the 14-15 year old Sunday School Class...not team teaching, which means, every Sunday I get to teach the youth. I have been okay teaching Primary, but the youth have yet to look to me for answers, which I do not feel qualified to answer. Well, when given a call, we respond, and in that response, we are put to work. We are going to be blessed as we turn to our Heavenly Father, who has instilled in us the ablilty to teach his children. We are definitely ready to work!!!


Andrew & Angel Bitter said...

I know what you mean Hollie about school it does get busy, but I am not attending school this semester and my husband is. So, I will never see him with school and work sucky LOL! Anyway.. That is cool about your callings I hope that you guys do great, I know you will. Those kids will get to know you and you will have fun. It will be like serving in young womens but with the boys too. :) Wish you both all the best in church and school. ~Angel

Trent and Erin said...

Yeah it's like serving in young women's but without the mid-week mutual and all the meetings and dances and girls camp and youth conference and service activities...heavenly father must've known the desires of your heart but knew what would be best for you with school on top of everything too. You guys will be great!

Travis and Crystal said...

Awesome Holls! You will be so good at it! If you can keep the boys from daydreaming about you the whole hour long!!! haha! Really you will be so good and you will be inspired to tell them what they need to know and they will look up to you just like I do! I totally miss being in a normal family ward...i am in a young married ward. I guess I will make the best of it! I miss you and love you!