Sunday, October 4, 2009

This n That

To update you on our lovely life. Just so everyone is up to date, Travis has started his new job at Marketstar for two full weeks now...and he loves it! We are both pretty much home bodies. We have been blessed to have alot of homework, so we only get out once a weekend, usually with our families. Well this last week we had an opportunity to go to Trav's mission reunion in Salt Lake. It was great to meet the missionaries whom he served with. Also this week, we had our nephew, Grayson born on September 30th! He is so cute and just full of love. He so little and yet so chubby! It was fun to spend conference with Dustin and Laura and Grayson.

To continue our activities, Travis and I were able to attend the sealing of one of the families he taught on his mission. The Greenhaughl's were sealed in the Bountiful temple and we were able to witness this wonderful experience. We ended up going to dinner with their whole family and have great memories and blessings of missionary work.

Trav has been doing well in school, and I've been doing well in not cooking! We are on the up and up, because I actually cooked dinner this last week. With much support, I think I may cook again this week. Planning meals truly helps save money, however you have to cook inorder to plan meals. Today was my first learning experience of buying meat and letting it go bad :( It was in the fridge, but needed to go in the freezer, and as you would know, I'm not really good at paying attention. I've learned to take care of it right away, so then we can have hamburger when I get the urge to cook.

We're so happy in love. I wish I could tell you of all the little things Trav does to make me laugh everyday. If there's one thing that I could advise others would be to love your eternal companion for who they are, and to love them even more for what they can become. I have learned through the counsel of my stake president from before we got married, that there are some things you have to have the faith first, then the Lord will bless you. I am so grateful for a worthy priesthood holder and for a best friend who will stay by my side no matter what. Marriage truly is the road to walk side by side, remembering to never get infront, or walk behind your companion, because you've got to do it together!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank Heavens for Husbands!

As you have all been told, I say I have the best husband in the world...I truly believe it. However, I have to inform you of somethings to prove to you why Travis Jay Williams is the sweetest man alive.
I've been working in a cardiology clinic for a year and a half and the past few weeks, I've been so stressed, with another cardiologist starting. I have now three physician's I work for, which is unheard of...most doctors have one secretary or share with another physician. So I've been getting out of work LATE the past two weeks and feel like I'd rather not be here anymore because the stress has been way too intense. I feel bad because Trav gets to hear me when I get home and with my frustrations at work, he just listens. (At least I think he's listening)
Well, I've been extremely stressed, low self-esteem, and have been feeling like life is not worth living each day...(I'm fine...just had not recognized what I could do to help) Well, I called my mom, which is my daily routine on my way to work. My mom told me how Satan tries to get to my thoughts and he's trying to destroy my happiness. I have not been joyful, Happy-Hollie for awhile and when I realized that I do not have to be subject to him. Yes, it's okay to be stressed, however, it's not God's ways that are frustrated, it is man's. I read in my scriptures and thought all day long about David and Goliath. I could defeat the giant who was bringing me down.
I got to work one morning this week and I explained to Travis my discovery that the adversary was having ahold of my thoughts and was causing more grief than necessary. Then to my surprise, Trav sent me a text "I agree. Just pray. I love you." You do not know how much that has helped me. I have kept that message saved so I can look at it when I'm having a bad day.
Well, to top that off, last night, I got home late from school and a hair appt and just laid in Trav's arms. Travis told me, "I wanted to show you something, so I printed it out." I was so excited...I love surprises...! (I usually ruin them) I went to the printer and found his homework printed out and then...There it was...Our tickets to our date night tonight! Travis had planned our date night and surprised me with tickets to the movie I had been dying to see!! He is just so cute and really tries hard to take care of me.
Each morning when I say my prayers, I make sure to thank Heavenly Father for my Husband!
I love you Travis Jay Williams! Muah!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It Finally Happened!!!

Well, I'm just so estatic right now!! I am so happy and cannot express my love to my Heavenly Father as I'd like because I just feel so loved!!! OH MY GOODNESS! I guess I better tell you. Well, as you know, or some of you may not know, Travis has been a roofer for many years, and with our economy, has been a difficult job to work in. Also, with the desire to finish his education, it's been hard for Travis to be able really work full time and go to school full time. Well, as it would have it, he has applied everywhere for the last 14 months, and more fervently the last 9 months. Well as each interview or application would bring the result of was hard to not get discouraged. Well, we have been talking about the things we'd like to do in order to get out of debt and work towards our family goals, and as it would have it, Travis had a job opportunity from one of his friends. He applied, and once again, it was turned down. I'm telling you, the Lord has tested our patience this whole marriage, and has taught us to rely on others, on Him, and to realize that we cannot do this all alone.
This is when our faith was put to the test. Travis' friend called him again, and told him about another opening at his work. Travis applied and two days later had a phone interview. Then had an interview with the company, and then it happened. The weeks worth of waiting to hear if this would be another denial, or a reminder that maybe we have not been in the right place at the right time. Each night we go to bed, we make sure to thank Heavenly Father for our jobs and for the opportunity to work each day. We understand there are many who do not have jobs, and we are so richly blessed. Well, as it would have it, today while I was at work, I got a text from Trav. I looked at it and could do nothing be cry. HE GOT THE JOB!!!! This was the absolute greatest day of my life. My husband can have a good job, with benefits, to go along with mine, and can focus on school. He can finish his education and we can accomplish all of those things that Heavenly Father would like us to do. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows who we are. He knows Trav's needs, as well as mine, and he can test us, and can try our faith, but as it would turn out, He ALWAYS has us in mind.
I love my Heavenly Father so much, and he is the greatest Father. He has richly blessed our lives so much, and still continues to bless us! I love my husband more than anything....I love him with all my heart plus a trillion more.
It Finally Happened! It just took patience, and faith...and trust.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Put Us To Work!!!

Well this is the day before school starts, and once again, we are heading to our parents for our back to school blessings!! School begins tomorrow, and starting tomorrow, Travis and I are again tackling a full time semester on top of full time work. This is something that has an anti-social side effect, but hopefully we can master our time and allow for some fun times this semester. Well, we have finally settled in our new home as of yesterday. We have hung up all our pictures and organized pretty much everything...besides the second bedroom. We have been attending our new ward adn just love it. In response to the title of this post, I must inform you of the precise moments they were taken from. We were in our ward for one Sunday, and the next Wednesday, we got a call from our bishop to meet with him. We knew that we would be given callings and were thinking of where we would probably go to. Mind you, we had just finished teaching the 4 and 5 year old in primary, and boy did that require alot of brain stimulation to handle all 8 child's needs. So as we're talking, Travis mentioned how he liked the Young Men's...and I mentioned that I wouldn't mind being in Young Women's now. I really had to prep myself to agree to do that. Well, as we drove to the church and sat in the bishop's office, he explained he had some Callings....(NOt one, but TWO) so we were not going to be teaching together. As he looks to Trav, he extends the calling of...not Young Men's and not Primary....but yes.. that of the Gospel Docterine teacher!!! I was scared for my life to hear what they would call me too. I knew Travis could do it...he is so wonderful at teaching the principles, and I could ask him questions and help teach my class or lesson. Well, the bishop turned to me and asked me to teach the 14-15 year old Sunday School Class...not team teaching, which means, every Sunday I get to teach the youth. I have been okay teaching Primary, but the youth have yet to look to me for answers, which I do not feel qualified to answer. Well, when given a call, we respond, and in that response, we are put to work. We are going to be blessed as we turn to our Heavenly Father, who has instilled in us the ablilty to teach his children. We are definitely ready to work!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Best Kind of Home

Well, Travis and I have moved one more time, but this time is the last. We have decided to call our home in Washington Terrace, the place where I grew up. We absolutely love being together and starting our marriage together reopening wedding presents again, and re organizing all our things once again. I truly believe that this is the best thing for us, because for the first time in our first year of marriage...we are now living our own boundaries! I have decided that even though we have moved so much within this last year, we have been so blessed. We have friends in every area that we have lived as well as some of our greatest memories.
How many times are we faced with inconvenience and have to make a choice to better bless our families. As I have looked back on those trials we have been faced with, I remember one of the greatest lessons in life. Remembering Heavenly Fathering is always there for you, even though we are facing difficult times, He has ALWAYS been there for me and Trav. He has NEVER forgotten us or our circumstances and He still provides. I think that our relationship has grown so much because of circumstances that may cause doubt... but the most important thing to remember is our purpose here on this earth and our goal to return to our Heavenly Home. It's not easy but it is achievable. I am so excited to finally have a home and to be able to one day raise children and to teach them about the true meaning in life, and that is to live a Christ-Centered life!

Friday, June 19, 2009

What was your most memorable day?

I was sitting at work today and was filling out a questionaire. The questions consisted of what did you eat last, what's your favorite show..and then I got to this next question. "What was your most memorable day?" ...I pondered this question for awhile.."Of course it would be my wedding day." I thought out loud, but then I had all these memories flood through my mind.
The night that I ran my face into the wall and I swear I broke my nose and ever has never quite healed. Or the moment when we hung out with Jared and watched a movie and my true fears of cats came out. The time when we moved again and again....and still we've got so many places to call home. The night we sat up boxing and listening to Trav's playlist. Our drive up to Idaho for a reception for a companion, when we realized after our three hour drive that it was the following Saturday.
How can you pick which one of these moments were the most memorable? I would have to say, any day with Travis is worth writing down. We have been through alot of things our first year of marriage and yet, we still are laughing at everyday life. I have felt so much love from my husband and I know that we are grateful for each other! Travis is my most memorable day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1 + 1 = 1 The best formula of life!

Here we are again, another point in our life where the cross roads can deviate our path. Travis and I have daily routines that can be traveled together or separately. This is a constant choice I get to choose. The greatest lesson I've learned in life that has been a strength sometimes, but sometimes has led to trouble has been that I have a choice to choose my own happiness. My choice in deciding to marry Travis was not very hard for me, where he had been my best friend and strength through so much...he has always had my best interest at hand. I have been so ever blessed to have made that decision.
Last night, Travis and I were driving to the gym TOGETHER and he asked me if I felt bad that he wasn't rich. This has filled my mind ever since he posed the question? Why would Travis even ask me that? I responded quickly..."No, because I love you the way you are." It's easy to pick out the good in other situations and to compare to others, however this is one of those destructive tools the advesary uses to destroy our marriages. I know that I made the choice to marry my best friend. I made the choice to continue down the road of being newly wedded and poor. This is just a phase in life. I can travel alone, or I can travel it with my spouse, hand in hand....with a kiss or a hug to help lighten the way. I love my Travis so much and I am so happy we are married. He has been a great strength and a great help for me! I think that Heavenly Father sent him for me!!!

Marriage is a mathematical equation: 1+1=1
By putting two lives and talents together, you become one in all things. This is the greatest decision anyone could make!!