Friday, June 19, 2009

What was your most memorable day?

I was sitting at work today and was filling out a questionaire. The questions consisted of what did you eat last, what's your favorite show..and then I got to this next question. "What was your most memorable day?" ...I pondered this question for awhile.."Of course it would be my wedding day." I thought out loud, but then I had all these memories flood through my mind.
The night that I ran my face into the wall and I swear I broke my nose and ever has never quite healed. Or the moment when we hung out with Jared and watched a movie and my true fears of cats came out. The time when we moved again and again....and still we've got so many places to call home. The night we sat up boxing and listening to Trav's playlist. Our drive up to Idaho for a reception for a companion, when we realized after our three hour drive that it was the following Saturday.
How can you pick which one of these moments were the most memorable? I would have to say, any day with Travis is worth writing down. We have been through alot of things our first year of marriage and yet, we still are laughing at everyday life. I have felt so much love from my husband and I know that we are grateful for each other! Travis is my most memorable day!

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Travis and Crystal said...

I just love you Holls! I need to be more like you! SO positive and seeing all the wonderful things about life! Thanks for your example! p.s. those are some HILARIOUS stories!