Sunday, October 4, 2009

This n That

To update you on our lovely life. Just so everyone is up to date, Travis has started his new job at Marketstar for two full weeks now...and he loves it! We are both pretty much home bodies. We have been blessed to have alot of homework, so we only get out once a weekend, usually with our families. Well this last week we had an opportunity to go to Trav's mission reunion in Salt Lake. It was great to meet the missionaries whom he served with. Also this week, we had our nephew, Grayson born on September 30th! He is so cute and just full of love. He so little and yet so chubby! It was fun to spend conference with Dustin and Laura and Grayson.

To continue our activities, Travis and I were able to attend the sealing of one of the families he taught on his mission. The Greenhaughl's were sealed in the Bountiful temple and we were able to witness this wonderful experience. We ended up going to dinner with their whole family and have great memories and blessings of missionary work.

Trav has been doing well in school, and I've been doing well in not cooking! We are on the up and up, because I actually cooked dinner this last week. With much support, I think I may cook again this week. Planning meals truly helps save money, however you have to cook inorder to plan meals. Today was my first learning experience of buying meat and letting it go bad :( It was in the fridge, but needed to go in the freezer, and as you would know, I'm not really good at paying attention. I've learned to take care of it right away, so then we can have hamburger when I get the urge to cook.

We're so happy in love. I wish I could tell you of all the little things Trav does to make me laugh everyday. If there's one thing that I could advise others would be to love your eternal companion for who they are, and to love them even more for what they can become. I have learned through the counsel of my stake president from before we got married, that there are some things you have to have the faith first, then the Lord will bless you. I am so grateful for a worthy priesthood holder and for a best friend who will stay by my side no matter what. Marriage truly is the road to walk side by side, remembering to never get infront, or walk behind your companion, because you've got to do it together!


Travis and Crystal said...

Great post Holls! You are such an example to me...I need to start cooking again! Looks like life has been busy but good! I am so glad, because you deserve the best! Love ya!

Jaren and Sarah said...

It sounds like you guys are busy! That's so awesome you were able to attend a sealing!... And going to mission reunions is always fun!