Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank Heavens for Husbands!

As you have all been told, I say I have the best husband in the world...I truly believe it. However, I have to inform you of somethings to prove to you why Travis Jay Williams is the sweetest man alive.
I've been working in a cardiology clinic for a year and a half and the past few weeks, I've been so stressed, with another cardiologist starting. I have now three physician's I work for, which is unheard of...most doctors have one secretary or share with another physician. So I've been getting out of work LATE the past two weeks and feel like I'd rather not be here anymore because the stress has been way too intense. I feel bad because Trav gets to hear me when I get home and with my frustrations at work, he just listens. (At least I think he's listening)
Well, I've been extremely stressed, low self-esteem, and have been feeling like life is not worth living each day...(I'm fine...just had not recognized what I could do to help) Well, I called my mom, which is my daily routine on my way to work. My mom told me how Satan tries to get to my thoughts and he's trying to destroy my happiness. I have not been joyful, Happy-Hollie for awhile and when I realized that I do not have to be subject to him. Yes, it's okay to be stressed, however, it's not God's ways that are frustrated, it is man's. I read in my scriptures and thought all day long about David and Goliath. I could defeat the giant who was bringing me down.
I got to work one morning this week and I explained to Travis my discovery that the adversary was having ahold of my thoughts and was causing more grief than necessary. Then to my surprise, Trav sent me a text "I agree. Just pray. I love you." You do not know how much that has helped me. I have kept that message saved so I can look at it when I'm having a bad day.
Well, to top that off, last night, I got home late from school and a hair appt and just laid in Trav's arms. Travis told me, "I wanted to show you something, so I printed it out." I was so excited...I love surprises...! (I usually ruin them) I went to the printer and found his homework printed out and then...There it was...Our tickets to our date night tonight! Travis had planned our date night and surprised me with tickets to the movie I had been dying to see!! He is just so cute and really tries hard to take care of me.
Each morning when I say my prayers, I make sure to thank Heavenly Father for my Husband!
I love you Travis Jay Williams! Muah!


Nick and Kandi Roeseler said...

Oh my gosh, Hollie! I found you through Shalena's blog. You're gorgeous! And you look so happy! Congratulations. (We live in So. Ogden by the Arctic Circle, so we're so close!)

Travis and Crystal said...

Cute Holls! I am so glad you have a husband who takes good care of you and who loves you for who you are! It makes me happy that you are so happy! If you ever need to talk on a hard day (or a good one!) feel free to call me! love ya!