Friday, February 27, 2009

Life with Us!!

It truly has been a long time without updates about our busy lives. Travis has been the highlight of our days with his great passion for life. He truly makes me laugh by those hilarious things he says. Travis is still working for Hull Construction as well as doing the house cleaning and cooking. I'm still working at McKay Dee hospital working in a Cardiology clinic and trying to tackle a fulltime semester. Our regular routine consists of work, school, hurry and cook dinner, homework, watch the news and go to bed late. On weekends we spend every saturday as our clean up as well as washing the truck and car. Sundays we spend our time teaching the 13 year olds in Sunday School and between home teaching and visiting teaching, we are doing a better job at remembering others names in our Ben Lomond 11th ward. Alot of times we are spending spare time helping others with little things, however we are grateful to have such wonderful families.

We are just happy to be alive and have jobs!! Life is great and couldn't complain about anything

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