Saturday, March 7, 2009

On the Road Again!

Well as we are facing these economic situations, even our family has been affected. Travis hours have been cut drastically, which has caused us to look for a new home. At the graciousness of Trav's parents, we are in the process of finishing the last room in their basement, where we will make our new home until we can get ourselves back on our feet.

lThis has truly been the most humbling experience of our lives. Trusting in the Lord for help and having prayers offered in desperation of new employment have been our routine for the past five months. As we continue to do those things we need to, we have come to the realization that we are needing the help and help has come. the important thing is that we are still together and are not homeless. We are so grateful for my job which has been such a blessings in our lives.

Travis has been faithful in applying and interviewing almost everywhere but I think that what has happened is what is supposed to happen. I have talked with one of my greatest friends and he expressed how he had lived with his in-laws for the first 7 years of marriage. I truly believe that family is the single unit of life that will get you far. I wanted to express my thanks to my brother Dustin who, when he found out, he offered his place as well.

In this turning point in our lives, it's easier to see the blessings that will come forth from this experience.

1. We can help Rick with things around his house.
2. Casey and Us can build a closer relationship.
3. We can save money for our future.
4. I can learn to cook and practice my continuing of my wife studies.
5. We can grow closer together by relying more on each other.
6. Our family will continue to grow off principles of love, faith, and hope.
7. Travis can go to school like he'd like and be able to work and go to school.

If I can express to you my gratitude for this experience I would just scream. Our Ben Lomond 11th Ward has been the greatest blessing in our life. Our Sunday School class has been the absolute favorite part of my life right now. I have made one of the greatest friendships of my life with my visiting teaching companion. We have much love here. We have done what we were called to do and now must move on. Life is a great adventure TOGETHER!

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