Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Year Down!!!

As you can see, Travis and I have completed our first year of marriage and sealed that with a vacation to Seattle. Alot of people have been asking, "Why did you choose Seattle?" To start off, Travis loves it there and secondly, he wants to move there some day. Seattle was very fun, a little rainy, but for the most part we had a blast! We purchased a GPS right before we left and it was the best thing other wise we'd probaby strangled each other from having to drive their crazy NW, SW zigzag roads. Some of our favorite moments of Seattle were 1. Pike Place Market, which is where we bought some of the best tasting fruit! 2. Anacortes ferry to the San Juan Islands. We took a ferry across the ocean to the San Juan Islands and ate at Friday Harbor. We attempted to go whale watching, but as our luck would have it, they were elswhere. We did get to see a seal. It was quite interesting as we ate on Friday Harbor. Trav got an order of fish and chips, and the 3 fish it came with were about 7 inches long! The best seafood is obviously right next to the SEA! 3. The Crab Pot. This was a travel channel reccommendation and by far the best restaurant we ate at. They brought out a HUGE bowl with crab and just dumped it on the table, which meant no plates, just fingers and our hammer to break the crab! Oh if you could have just been there you would understand how fun this meal was. 4. Gig Harbor. My fathers brother and his wife and children live about an hour south of Seattle and we spent one whole day with them. We went to lunch and went to the harbor and walked out on the docks and saw Jelly Fish!! I almost fell in trying to get close to take a picture, however Travis once again has saved me from a disaster. We cooked live crab and had shrimp and steak cabob's. It was the best meal alive. After dinner we went out to their back yard, which is a forest by the way, and we made Smores...and enjoyed being with the cousins. 5. The Seattle Acquarium. We watched a giant octopus eat a fish and it was probably the most interesting thing in Seattle next to all our advenures. We enjoyed the beautiful views of Snoqualmie Falls and all the green areas with water surrounding them. Truly Heavenly Father has created a masterpiece. One thing we will not miss about Seattle is 100% the parking. We had to pay to park everywhere and by all means it was not cheap. However, this was a great addition to our memories which we have been building as a couple. We have done alot this first year, which means.......we can do more! I think after one year of marriage I have come to grow closer to my Heavenly Father and have just fallen more in love with Travis! I appreciate him so much in all that he does for me and for his support in my life!! I truly have married the best man!!!

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Travis and Crystal said...

Looks like you had so much fun Holls!